Our Mission

The UWW Research Collaborative seeks to gather, organize, and make accessible a digitized central archive of materials pertaining to the University Without Walls; more specifically, to each of the fifty UWW’s launched by the Union of Experimenting Colleges and Universities (UECU) in the 1970’s across the USA; and to the UECU and the UWW movement itself: its history, philosophy, distinctive features, and impact. The site seeks to provide a social networking platform for ongoing collaboration and further research relating to UWW and to alternative higher education generally.

The Collaborative invites anyone  previously or currently involved with UWW in any way to register and  to peruse the full archive. We urge everyone who registers to upload any documentary or media materials, related research, and/or memories you can spare.


Watch the Video

This short video introduces a few of the students from UWW/UMass who helped launch this collaborative research effort, speaking of their UWW experience.